Long Distance FAQs

1. Do I need an in-home moving estimate?
Most of our Hourly or Flat rate moving can be estimated over the phone or via email. But if you have a complex moving scenario /schedule or if your move is a large one, we will send one of our relocation consultants to your home for a free, no pressure, no obligation, in-home estimate. She/he will then provide you with estimates at both rate (Hourly rate and Flat rate).

2. How and when do I reserve and pay for my moving?
ELITE MOVING SERVICES requires a $100.00 deposit in order to reserve your moving date and crew. We do this to ensure that we have the correct equipment and necessary staff available on the day of the moving. Your $100.00 deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the moving. Please note that your deposit is non refundable. Complete payment for the moving will be handled by the crew supervisor at the end of your move. As and when you have your moving date decided, we recommend you to give us a call to talk to one of the consultants.

3. My building requires a "Certificate of Insurance" from my movers, can you provide one?
Most luxury and doormen buildings in CA require your Moving Company to be licensed and Insured. They require the moving company to provide them with a "Certificate of Insurance" which covers their property during the duration of your moving. ELITE MOVING SERVICES carry sufficient insurance and can conduct moving in all of the buildings in the city. ELITE MOVING SERVICES does not charge our customers for the Certificate of Insurance. Even additional Insurances on the Certificate are free! Please check with your building management about their insurance requirements before calling us.

4. Is my inventory covered against any damages?
We have the best and experienced movers working for you at all times. ELITE MOVING SERVICES has one of the lowest damage ratios in the industry. Having said that, accidents do happen, considering the nature of the business we are in. By law, every moving company has to offer what's called "valuation coverage" which is currently at $0.30 per pound, per article on all local moving. This is provided at no extra charge. Due to conflict of interest, ELITE MOVING SERVICES does not sell any other form of Insurance; we believe we are not in the insurance selling business. We recommend purchasing a Moving Insurance Policy from a reputed third party (we recommend www.movinginsurance.com or Baker) to cover your extremely valuable, fragile items or antiques. Insurance policies can be purchased for individual items or for the whole inventory of your move.

5. Who pays for parking tickets?
Finding a legal parking space in CA is like the proverbial needle in the hay stack. As movers, we have two options:
a) Look for a legal truck parking space and carry on with the moving, which in turn could be a couple of blocks from your residence, hence doubling your move time and budget or
b) Safely double park with the risk of a ticket and expedite your moving. In this case the ticket cost will be added to the moving total and will be the customer's responsibility. While not an ideal solution, this practice is standard for every movers and moving company in CA. To limit these incidents, we do our best to have at least one mover with the truck at all times – not only to watch over the items being loaded onto it – but also so the truck can be moved prior to being ticketed.5. There are moving restriction and rules in my building, what about it?
Most doorman buildings with freight elevator, restricts moves before 9 AM and after 5 PM. Your building might also not allow you to move on weekends. Please call your building management or supervisor prior to calling us, to get all the relevant information. We will plan your moving accordingly.

6. Does everything have to be in a box?
To keep your smaller items and electronics as safe and secured as possible during the transit, we recommend all items be boxed. All our trucks carry a range of boxes and supplies at any given point. Boxes and materials used will be charged as used. Most often boxes and supplies are included in Flat Rate moves but again it is based on your agreement with the sales rep.

7. Can I buy boxes from you? Do you deliver?
Yes. We carry a whole line of moving boxes and supplies made to mover's requirements and specifications. As we buy them in bulk, the prices are generally 10-15 % less than what you pay at retail. Free delivery can be arranged on all orders of $ 100.00 or more. We will drop off the moving boxes at your convenience, days before your actual move so that you get ample time to box your belongings. You could actually save significant work hours (money) during the day of the move by boxing your belongings.

8. Any packing tips?
Yes, we have an entire section dedicated to Do-it – yourselves. It just makes a lot of sense to order your supplies and roll your sleeves; you might be saving well over 20% on time and labor on the moving day.

9. Will you help me unpack?
Absolutely! Tell the Movers' supervisor what and how much and that's all they need to know. Note that all packing, unpacking, assembling and disassembling will be done at the same hourly rate. There are no extra charges for all these services. If you want a Flat Rate, please discuss your unpacking needs with the moving consultant at the time of your reservation.

10. Do you accept credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Please express your need to pay with a credit card with your consultant as it needs to be approved prior to unloading at your final destination.

11. Can you move my jewelry and other valuables?
We do not move money, valuable papers or jewelry. We highly recommend that you transport these specific items yourself.

12. Can you move my house plants?
Absolutely! House plants are boxed in boxes with open tops in order to move it safely. Please let your moving consultant know of any exceptionally large indoor plants or indoor trees.

13. What is your tipping policy?
It is customary to tip movers between 15%-20% in CA. Tipping movers is totally at your discretion. We have a strict policy against soliciting customers for tips and we take any tip complaints very seriously. However, it is important to note that tips are a significant part of the income for your hard-working moving crew and as such, they are highly appreciated!



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