Residential Moving Pricing

Let's make this easy for you! There are basically two different types of Quotes or Estimates offered for a local moving:

Hourly Rate and Flat Rate

  • Based on the inventory and the type of building (elevator or walk up), the size of the movers crew and truck is determined
  • An hourly rate is then quoted for the given crew and the truck
  • Based on the inventory, the consultant will give you estimated number of hours
  • Boxes and Material used will be charged as used. Please see or Boxes and Supplies section for the complete price list.
  • A Minimum three hour Work plus Travel Time applies on all our "Hourly Jobs"

Binding Estimate (Flat rate)
In order for us to provide you with a Flat rate, all aspect of your moving has to be discussed in detail. You can submit all your moving info to us either by, email, fax or simply going to the Information Submission page (Hyperlink). An estimator can also be dispatched at your convenience for an in-house estimation for complex or large moves. Once all relevant information like the date of the move, addresses on both ends, type of building, elevator or walk up, inventory info and packing and unpacking requirements is discussed, a bidding (guaranteed flat) estimated will be provided in writing by the estimator. Please be mindful that the estimator calculates your flat rate on the basis of the size of the Movers crew /truck and the number of probable Work and Travel hours. Any last minute changes in the inventory or information submited (changes in either the pick up or drop off location, elevator not working or is being used by another moving company, additional pick, additional drop off etc.  will reflect change in the flat rate quote too.

Travel time:
Travel Time is a standard for all moving companies in CA. According to CA, "Travel time covers the time to travel from movers' warehouse or terminal to point of origin (pick up) and again from point of destination (drop off) back to movers' terminal or warehouse". Travel time varies for each customer based on their point of origin and point of destination. Please understand that this practice is regulated by the NY Dept. of Transportation for all local moving (five boroughs). Travel Time compensates us for the following valid reasons

  • We compensate the moving crew from the time they start the truck to the time they sign off back at the garage.
  •  There are fuel and preparation-related expenses prior to arriving at your location. As much as we love the city, the same cannot be said about its traffic.
  • It often takes well over 30 minutes to arrive at a customer's location (traffic jams, construction-related closures, weather etc). However, regardless of how long it takes for us to reach your location; you are only charged as per ELITE MOVING SERVICES' tariff submitted to NY Dept of Transportation.

There is no extra charge for packing or unpacking your things. This is just the additional time taken to complete your relocation. Some CA Moving Companies may have extra fees, but we at ELITE MOVING SERVICES have decided to keep your cost to a minimum. So basically, given the hourly rate, the more you get done yourself prior to the Movers arrival the less you will pay for your relocation.

Again, there is no extra charge for Truck usage. No matter where you are moving to and from, ELITE MOVING SERVICES will not charge you any extra fees for mileage and truck usage.

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