At ELITE MOVING SERVICES, we understand that every individual is different and they have different needs. Whether you want an hourly rate or a flat rate you can always count on us. We offer you various packages with different level of services to fit your needs and if you require any additional services we will try our best to ensure your priorities are met. All the packages include wrapping, disassembling, reassembling and Certificate of Insurance

  1. Regular: This includes loading and unloading
  2. Full service: This includes packing, loading and unloading
  3. Full service with unpacking: This includes packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.
  4. Regular Flat rate: This includes loading and unloading
  5. Flat rate with packing: This includes loading, unloading and packing
  6. Flat rate with packing and unpacking: This includes loading, unloading, packing and unpacking

Giant Sequoia (Go green): Increasing recognition of eco-friendly technology and materials has provided us ways to save our planet. Our Giant Sequoia package facilitates in promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and giving your home a green start by providing you an eco-friendly supplies.

According to U.S Census Bureau, "In 2012 around 12 million household moved in America, consuming almost half a billion boxes which required 13 million trees". In order to put an end to all this unnecessary waste and to save those 13 million trees, we are initiating this package. With Giant Sequoia package, eco-bubble and eco-shrink wrap are used for your move. Likewise, cardboard boxes are replaced with plastic wardrobe boxes for packing purpose and while storing your belongings, blankets are used instead of papers for wrapping purpose. To make it even better, discounts are offered to customers that re-use and return the boxes. With Giant Sequoia package, you can experience a green move!

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