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How to Prepare For an Office Move?

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When you start building your business from scratch and invest all your time and energy into it, there couldn’t possibly be anything better than seeing it thriving and growing. Employing more people, becoming known in the new market, getting the chance to offer your services to a wider range of people, moving your business – there are various situations that bring success and prosperity to your business, but also bring a lot of responsibility and stress. However, among all these situations, an office move might be the most overwhelming event that you have to handle. It’s not enough to find great office movers, you really have to properly plan and diligently work to make your office move as successful as it can be. 

We developed a good plan for making your office move a lot more simple and stress-free. Following our steps will definitely not only help you take your belongings from point A to point B in flawless condition but also being peaceful and calm along the way. Of course that hiring good office movers will make this a lot more achievable, but you can contribute to your successful move as well. From making a definite timeline, preparing the new space, decluttering, preparing your employees, and getting details in order for the moving day, there are many steps along the way that will help you and your office movers handle your office relocation like a pro.

Follow our guide and get the most out of your office move. You will see how good organization, high-quality office movers, and a positive state of mind can lead you to a smooth and professional move and a perfect new start for your business.

  1. Make a good timeline and stick to it

As professional movers, we decided to organize these tips step-by-step, in such a way that we think your office move should be organized. That is why we begin with the most obvious first step – investing your time and energy into really thinking thoroughly about your relocation and making a clear schedule and timeline of all the events that are ahead of you. From hiring office movers to finally arriving at the doorstep of your new office, there are many things along the way that should be planned carefully and taken seriously in order for your office move to really go as you expect it to. Making a good timeline and sticking to it means that you’ll be aware of everything you need to do in the next few months, as well as exact dates, people, and locations that are an important part of your moving. Of course, you have to start with choosing the date and making sure that you can find the food office movers for the date you’ve chosen. It is always highly advised that you start planning your relocation as soon as possible. Even with your household move, you have to be well-prepared and ready to make this relocation your priority number one. However, office move brings a whole new level of responsibility, since it includes more people and factors. From the most important tasks, such as finding office movers, to the least time-consuming ones, such as handling utilities, you should be well-aware of everything you’re supposed to do in the process of your office move. You can make a folder for all the important information, contacts, notes, and to-do lists, so you can always check and see the progress you’re making, as well as the tasks that are yet to be finished. 

  1. Hire good office movers 

When it comes to moving your business, there is no more important thing that you should do than hiring exceptional office movers. Not only that finding the good office movers will help you pack and move your office belongings safely, but they’ll also help you keep calm and handle this relocation without going completely crazy of all the things you have on your plate. Why are the office movers so important when it comes to moving your business? The reason is simple – when you’re moving your business, not only that you have to deal with the process of relocation, but you also have to keep working as usual and providing your customers with all the help they need, finishing daily errands, and making sure that everything is functioning perfectly. The process of moving itself is stressful enough without having to do all these things on the side, and the best way to make sure that your relocation is handled well while you’re also working uninterruptedly is to hire good office movers. Not all the local movers are office movers. It takes a lot more skill and experience for your local movers to actually be able to call themselves office movers since an office move usually means that you’re supposed to work in wholly different circumstances and provide a wider range of services for the customers. That is why you should really invest your time into finding the good office movers who are also affordable movers, since you don’t really want to end up penniless after your relocation and office movings are expensive. Professional movers will always come up with the best plan and unique solutions for your moving, give you all the information and advice that you need and help you feel more in control and more calm about this whole event. Office movers usually have their own vehicles, packing supplies, tools, and everything else that is absolutely necessary for your office move to go on perfectly. Make sure that you give your office movers all the specifics and share all your concerns with them because they’ll surely come up with quick and easy ways to overcome all the obstacles along the way.

  1. Include your employees in planning and organizing

What makes one business work well and be prosperous? Definitely, the closest answer would be the team of people who try their best and believe in the job they’re doing. Whatever it is that you’re supposed to do, you can’t do it well if you don’t include your colleagues and employees. Of course, the one who will make the final decisions will be the person who is in charge of the company, but that doesn’t mean that all the ideas, advice, and requirements that others have are less important. You know how the saying goes “two heads are better than one”, but imagine what the whole team of smart and capable heads can come up with. That is why, along with your office movers, your employees and colleagues are your greatest support. Not only that you can split responsibilities and handle all the tasks in a much faster and more efficient way, but you can also plan and organize your future in a better way and make sure that your employees come to perfect work conditions and, therefore, put more effort and love into their work. You should announce the move as soon as you make the decision and choose the date. What is also very important to do while looking for office movers and managing everything else, is to let your employees know that you are open to their suggestions or complaints. From giving recommendations about office movers you should hire to asking for a better desk and chair in the future office, there are many things that your employees might want to discuss with you and it is important to make them feel like they always have your attention and understanding. You’d be surprised by the things you can learn from others and all the help you can get in the most unusual places. Treat your employees with respect and you’ll see how valuable their help is.

  1. Take care of your new space and prepare it well

No matter where you are or where you’re going, it is always crucial that you have your space organized neatly, especially when it comes to your office space. The way your office looks tells a lot about you and your business, and people will frequently make an opinion about you based on the level of professionalism and effort you put into the space you’re working at. However, it is not so easy to handle everything at your new office, when your office movers have already finished unloading their moving vehicles and you have to arrange all the stuff that you have around. That is why you should visit your new space as many times as necessary to make a proper plan and take care of all the things such as painting, repairs, etc. before your office movers come and all your belongings get on the way. You don’t want to spend days after the moving is finished organizing and rearranging because that will certainly have an impact on your business. Instead, try to follow our guide and handle every task along the way with the proper care, so that your business can continue to grow and improve even in this period. Feel free to include your employees in the process of preparing the new space and take their wishes into consideration when choosing their seating positions and offices. Not only that having a clean and beautiful space will help your moving go flawlessly, but it will also help your future growth and prosperity in the long run.

  1. Get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore

This step is the one we always insist on, whether you’re undertaking an office, apartment, or house move. Your office movers will finish their job in a much faster and easier manner if they don’t have a bunch of unnecessary things to pack and move. Of course, it’s never a problem for your local movers to do anything you wish, but when it comes to office moves, speed and affordability should be priorities, and getting rid of all the clutter you don’t need will definitely help along the way. Years in the same office can make even the neatest and tidiest space a mess. No matter if your office is huge or tiny, we always end up with missing space and having too much furniture, papers, and stationery around. We don’t even realize this before our office movers come and start packing, and by that time it’s already late to do something. Instead of waiting for your professional movers to come, try to be productive and wise in advance. Get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore and make space for the new ones in your future office. Not only that this will help you with having a more quick and more affordable move, but it will also give you kind of a new slate to start with. 

  1. Moving Day is important

Last but not least, don’t get too relaxed before the Moving Day comes and your office movers knock on the door. If you really want to make your move as fast and efficient as it could be, make sure that the small things are taken care of. Don’t let crowded stairs and elevators prevent your office movers from doing their job. Instead, make sure that everyone around the building and the office is aware of the Moving Day and doesn’t get in the way of your office movers successfully finishing their job. Don’t forget to make sure that you have enough space for your office movers to park their vehicle. During Moving Day, besides you, choose a few other employees who will stick around and help your office movers with anything they might need help with. These details might seem irrelevant but they can make your relocation a lot more complicated and difficult if not handled well. 

We came to an end with our guide that is supposed to help you with handling your office move in a flawless way. Elite Movers Ontario have been in the business for years and have experienced all kinds of situations, which is why we always like to emphasize that your office move might be one of the most important events when it comes to your business and it has to be handled flawlessly. The way to do it is to find the good office movers, plan everything thoroughly, include your employees in the process, prepare the new space, declutter and handle the Moving Day like a pro. 

If you haven’t found the office movers that check all your boxes, get in touch with Elite Movers Ontario and we’ll make sure to find the best solutions and move your office in the blink of an eye.